Foxy crouching to avoid bird and slime
Foxy reading a sign about how villagers left Foxy demonstrating his dexterity

I made this small demo of a game with Unity, using a large handful of free assets. "Foxy" is a working title. I think this character was meant to be a squirrel, actually.


Your forest home has been suddenly corrupted. The villagers have high-tailed it. The best you can do for now is find a way to escape.

How To Play

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move. Hold the down arrow or S to crouch. To climb ladders, use the up and down arrow keys. Use Space to jump.

Lessons Learned

Creating this game, small as it is, was a major undertaking. Several learning resources were invaluable, which I will be crediting. I think these may have been the most important lessons:

Learning Resources of Incalculable Value

Builds are available for Windows and macOS. Possibly Linux in the future.


Game Design and Programming

Spencer Williams IV







Sunny Land Asset Pack (Ansimuz)

Breakout graphics (Scribe)

2D Mega Pack (Brackeys)

Icons made by Freepik from are licensed by CC 3.0 BY
Icons made by Dave Gandy from are licensed by CC 3.0 BY